Filter element

We have a fully automated rotary powder coating production line with a track length of 320 meters. The line is equipped with two sets of automatic spraying equipment, each with four spray guns, ensuring a uniform powder coating on the workpieces.
静电喷涂设备 Electristatic coating
滤材成型设备 The equipment of the filter media
The metal component filter production line has overcome the bottleneck of room temperature adhesive curing time and now fully achieves the expected offline packaging of products. The production capacity averages 4,000 filters per shift.
聚氨酯熟化线 Polyurethane Curing Line
过滤器组装车间 The filter fitting shop
The newly introduced German polyurethane casting equipment helps us maintain a leading position in the industry. With precise metering and mixing, it allows us to control the production cycle of standard filters within 15 seconds. Under normal conditions, the production capacity of a single shift can reach 2,000-3,000 filters.
The metal end cap potting equipment utilizes core components from Germany, ensuring both accurate mixing of the AB materials and an extended replacement cycle for equipment parts. This guarantees the stability of the products while maintaining precision in material mixing.
双组份注胶设备 Two-component Injection Equipment
We have introduced three roller-type high-speed folding production lines, with a production speed of up to 60 meters per minute. This fully meets the production requirements of the entire assembly line.
Our company has independently designed, developed, and produced a high-temperature curing production line for filter paper. The equipment features precise temperature control, ensuring optimal performance of the filter material.
We have introduced an automatic production line from GMD, a company based in the United States. This production line is specifically designed for manufacturing high-efficiency filters used in clean rooms, operating rooms, and household air purification products.

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